Welcome Parents

Posted by Thomas Landine on Mar 22 2017 at 05:21PM PDT in Spring 2017

Hello everybody. I am very excited to coach this year. I helped coach a team last year but this is my first year doing it on my own. I look forward to having a lot of fun with all the kids and help them learn about teamwork and football. Hopefully they can make some new friends. If any of you have any questions or anything feel free to email, call or text me anytime. Thank you and I’ll see you soon.
Coach Tom


2017-05-01T05:50:37.000-07:00May 01 2017, at 05:50 AM PDT, Richard Bagley said:

Thanks for volunteering your time, Jack is enjoying being on your time.
On my way to work today I realized you don’t appear to have an assistant coach. If that’s what you prefer then no need to read any further. If you would like some help I’d be happy to assist when I am available.


Rich Bagley